Destination Wedding

South Eastern Destinations

The South Eastern spots offer a world of romantic wonders for the couples seeking a romantic paradise for their wedding. These spots are beautiful, full of culture and excitement; the perfect destination for your wedding abroad if you are looking for a destination with a twist.

Royal Rajasthan

Everyone is in love with love so why not add romantic elements of Rajput-era to your wedding gala. When you think of Rajasthan you think of Thar Desert, the colorfully dressed women, stories of kings and queens, of beautiful palaces, lush gardens, sun-kissed lakes and you think of a very royal splendor.

Majestic Himalayan Wedding

India has been blessed with the best of the Himalayan range. This endowment is a boon for the to-be wed couples who find them to be a great wedding destination. The Himalayas are turning out to be a major hot-spot for weddings in the last few years!

Beach Wedding

The clean serene beaches, the clear water, swaying coconut palms and ultra fresh seafood. The idea of choosing a location with the backdrop of sea with waves crushing in just behind you will definitely add more charm to your wedding. Your wedding whether on the beach in Goa, or in the houseboat, on the backwaters, in the hills of Kerala, just imagine, and dream and tell us, we will plan it all for you, just for your big day to make it bigger and better.


Mughal Wedding

One of the richest and the most powerful empire at its zenith, the Mughal Empire has won the admiration and fascination from across the world. The great Mughal builders of the past constructed the epitome of love, the Taj Mahal - a wonder of the world, a sight to be seen and captured by your retina. This legacy can come to you, magnified in grandeur, imbued with the unmitigated essence of its grand Mughal inspiration and gift wrapped in the soft indulgence in the world class luxury, only in Agra. Get married here in the backdrop of Taj Mahal and make your bond immortal and lifelong.


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