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We will provide you with an array of venues that will accommodate all your preferences. Will the location be able to accommodate the guests? Is there enough parking? Etc etc. The venue details are endless!



Planning your wedding decor is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding. Choose from anything simple to extravagant, classic to vintage, anything that reflects your taste and style perfectly and we’ll make you twirl in your aisle.


Invitation Cards

Invitation is the first step towards a special wedding. Thus from the very first step we promise to share your load by providing you with the best of invites to chose from. We’ll send the invites with such love and style that none will be able to decline.


Gourmet Catering

Our reputation is based on great food, expert planning, guidance, elegant presentation and service. We’re always mindful that its your party, you create the menu by making choices from the multiple cuisine we provide you with, depending upon your taste and style.

Pre-Wedding Ceremonies

The journey to the big day is as important as the big day itself. A traditional Indian wedding lasts a week and starts with pre-wedding ceremonies like haldi, mehendi, sangeet. Every occasion is auspicious and has its own significance. We apprehend this and thus add a new colour a new flavor to each ceremony.



Make sure you get to the wedding on time and in style. Depending on your preferences and budgets, we provide you with several options to consider when arranging transportation for your wedding day. We’ll provide you with any kind of rented transportation, from a vintage car to a horse-drawn carriage. We even provide pick-up and drop facilities(if required), for your guest. From booking your air or train tickets till you reach your wedding destination we hand-grip all.


Wedding Designers are artist, creatively creating the minute details of your wedding as per your lifestyle, taste, likes and dislikes.

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